Monday, December 21, 2015

G K- Questions and Answers -1

1. In which class Buddha was born?
(a) Brahmin  (b) Kshatriya
(c) Vaisya (d) Sudra
Answer: (b)

2. Which period is referred to as the the classical age of Ancient India:
(a) Mauryas (b) Kushanas
(c) Guptas (d) Haryanka
Answer: (c)

3.Who founded the Pallava dynasty?
(a) Vijayalaya (b) Mayurasarman (c)
Dantidurga (d) Simhavishnu
Answer: (d)

4.The city built by Krishna Deva Raya:
(a) Hampi  (b) Nagalpur
(c) Bhagalpur (d) Kanchi
Answer: (b)

5. In his father’s side Babur was a descendant of:
(a) Genghis Khan (b) Timur
(c) Mahmud Ghori (d) Mahmud Ghzni
Answer: (b)

6. The publication launched by Bal Gangadhar
Tilak in Marathi language:
(a) Mahratha (b) Kesari
(c) Pioneer (d) Al Hilal
Answer: (b)

7. The Viceroy who headed the interim government assumed office on 2nd September, 1946:
(a)Wavell (b) Linlithgo
(c) Irwin (d) Mountbatten
Answer: (a)

8.In which year Gandhiji landed India after ending his stay in South Africa?
(a) 1915 (b) 1916
 (c) 1917 (d) 1918
Answer: (a)

9.Who put forwarded the ‘fourteen point formula’?
(a) MA Jinnah (b) Nehru
(c) Gandhiji (d) Rajagopalachari
Answer: (a)

10. The year of Naval Mutiny:
(a) 1944 (b) 1945
(c) 1947 (d) 1946
Answer: d)

11. The first person who was born in 20th Centry to get Bharat Ratna is Lal Bahadur Shastri. The State in which Lal Bahadur Shastri was born:
(a) M.P. (b) Uttar Pradesh
(c) Gujarat (d) Maharashtra
Answer: (b)

12.The only state in India where uniform civil code has been implemented:
(a) Jammu & Kashimir (b) Sikkim
(c) Goa (d) Tamil Nadu
Answer: (c)

13.Who among the following enjoys the rank of a cabinet minister in the Union Cabinet?
(a) Cabinet Secretary (b) Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission
(c) Supreme Court Judge (d) Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister
Answer: (b)

14.Who is authorised to issue an order to suspenda State PSC member?
(a) Governor  (b) Chief Minister
 (c)Home Minister  (d) Speaker
Answer: (a)

15.The Carthagian General who is regarded as the greatest general of antiquity:
(a) Robert Bruce (b) Hammurabi
 (c)Hannibal (d) Julius Caesar

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