Tuesday, March 8, 2016

G K - Questions and Answers - 31

456. The author of ‘Manimekhalai’:
(a) Nagarjuna (b) Tholkappiar
(c) Satt anar (d) Atula
Answer: (c)

457.  Who discovered steam engine?
(a) James Watt (b) Daimler
(c) Chrystler (d) Benz
Answer: (a)

458. Who was called ‘African Gandhi’?
(a) Kenneth Kounda
(b) Nelson Mandela
(c) Julius Nyerere
(d) Patrice Lumumba
Answer: (a)

459. King of Metals:
(a) Iron (b) Silver
(c) Arsenic (d) Gold
Answer: (d)

460. Land of Marble:
(a)Italy (b) Canada
(c) Norway (d) Japan
Answer: (a)

461. The venue of the first Winter Olympics:
(a) Chamonix (b) St.Mortiz
(c) S t.Placid (d) Oslo
Answer: (a)

462. The first W orld War commenced in:
(a) 1912 (b) 1918
(c) 1917 (d) 1914
Answer: (d)

463. Lexicography is related to:
(a) Map making (b) Law making
(c) Dictionary (d) None of these
Answer: (c)

464. Water boils at ......Kelvin.
(a) 96 (b) 100
(c) 273 (d) 373
Answer: (d)

465.  Frequency of sound is measured in:
(a) Coloumb (b) Hertz
(c) Decibel (d) Dyne
Answer: (b)

466. The full form of ‘PDF”:
(a) Print able Document Formatting
(b) Port able Document Formatting
(c) Page Document Format
(d) Print able Document Form
Answer: (b)

467. Water has maximum density at .... degree celcius:
(a) 0 (b) 4
(c) 25 (d) 100
Answer: (b)

468. The main fuel that provided energy during the Industrial Revolution:
(a) Diesel (b) Petrol
(c) Coal (d) Peat
Answer: (c)

469. The alloy used to make pendulum of clocks:
(a) Invar (b) Alnico
(c) Electrum (d) Amalgum
Answer: (a)

470. The botanical name of Pipal tree (national tree of India)
(a) Ficus religiosum
(b) Ficus bengalensis
(c) Cassia fistula

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