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Modern India- Governor General and Viceroys -( Chapter-1)

Modern India-
Governor General and Viceroys 
( Chapter-1)
1. A spinal injury while horseback riding left this person in lifelong pain for which he wore a metal corset under his clothes. He served as the Viceroy of India. Name this person:
(a) Lord Wellesley                                (b) Dufferin
(c) Lord Mayo                                       (d) Curzon
Answer: (d)

2. The Governor General who had begun his career as a clerk in East India Company in 1750:
(a) William Bentick                                 (b) Warren Hastings
(c) Lord Wellesley                                   (d) Dalhousie
Answer: (b)

3. The Governor General who had lost his left hand in the Napoleonic wars:
(a) Warren Hastings                                (b) Hardinge I
(c) William Bentick                                  (d) Lord Canning
Answer: (b)

4. The Governor General who introduced Sunday as the weekly holiday for government offices:
(a) Hardinge I                                                (b) Hastings I
(c) Dalhousie                                                 (d) Canning
Answer: (a)

5. The Governor General who succeeded his brother-in-law Lord Ellenborough who had been recalled:
(a) Hardinge I                                               (b) Hardinge II
(c) Dalhousie                                                (d) Lord Canning
Answer: (a)

6. The Governor General who was impeached by the British Parliament:
(a) Warren Hastings                                      (b) Cornwallis
(c) Wellesley                                                      (d) Dalhousie
Answer: (a)

7. The last Viceroy of India:
(a) Wavell                                                                 (b) C Rajagopalachari
(c) Mountbatten                                                     (d) Wellington
Answer: (c)

8. The Viceroy who inaugurated a new province known as the North West Frontier:
(a) Dufferin                                               (b) Lord Rippon
(c) Curzon                                                  (d) Hardinge II
Answer: (c)

9. The Viceroy who undertook the restoration of the Taj Mahal:
(a) Curzon                                          (b) Chelmsford
(c) Irwin                                                 (d) Wellington
Answer: (a)

10. The Viceroy who was later killed by a bomb planed in his boat by the Provisional IRA at Mullaghmore, County Sligo, Ireland in 1979:
(a) Wavell                                               (b) Irwin
(c) Wellington                                       (d) Mountbatten
Answer: (d)

11. The Viceroy during the Chauri Chaura incident:
(a) Hardinge II                                     (b) Reading
(c) Wellington                                     (d) Chelmsford
Answer: (b)

12. Who was the Governor General during the Sepoy Mutiny?
(a) Canning                                                     (b) Dalhousie
(c) Dufferin                                                       (d) Minto I
Answer: (a)

13. Who was the Governor General when Pitt’s India Act was passed?
(a) Warren Hastings                                (b) Cornwallis
(c) Wellesley                                               (d) Minto I
Answer: (a)

14. Who was the Governor General when Sati was prohibited?
(a) William Bentick                                    (b) Charles Metcalfe
(c) Auckland                                                 (d) Hardinge I
Answer: (a)

15. The Viceroy during the first sitting of the Constituent Assembly held on 9th December, 1946?
(a) Mountbatten                                           (b) Linlithgo
(c) Wavell                                                        (d) Irwin
Answer: (c)

16. The Viceroy during the Mopla revolt of 1921:
(a) Reading                                                (b) Hardinge II
(c) Wellington                                           (d) Minto
Answer: (a)

17. Cripp’s Mission visited India during the period of:
(a) Wavell                                                    (b) Linlithgo
(c) Wellington                                            (d) Mountbatten
Answer: (b)

18. He was born with a withered arm and no left hand. He was appointed Viceroy of India in 1926. Name this person:
(a) Reading                                               (b) Irwin
(c) Linlithgo                                              (d) Wavell
Answer: (b)

19. Who was the Viceroy when Indian Penal Code was brought into effect?
(a) Mayo                                                     (b) Ripon
(c) Minto                                                    (d) Canning
Answer: (d)

20. Who was the Viceroy when king George V visited India in 1911:
(a) Curzon                                                    (b) Chelmsford
(c) Hardinge II                                             (d) Reading
Answer: (c)

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