Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Constitution of India-34

721. The idea of written constitution has been copied from:
(a) USA                                                                     (b) Britain
(c) Canada                                                              (d) South Africa
Answer: (a)

722. Cabinet system in India was copied from:
(a) USA                                                                     (b) Canada
(c) Britain                                                                (d) Japan
Answer: (c)

723. The idea of the President is the executive head of the state has been copied from:
(a) Britain                                                                  (b) Germany
(c) USA                                                                        (d) Canada
Answer: (c)

724. The idea of prerogative writs has been copied from:
(a) Britain                                                                 (b) USA
(c) Canada                                                                 (d) Ireland
Answer: (a)

725. The idea of Independence of Judiciary has been copied from:
(a) Canada                                                                  (b) Britain
(c) USA                                                                              (d) Ireland
Answer: (c)

726. The idea of Directive Principles of State Policy has been copied from:
(a) Ireland                                                                      (b) USA
(c) Britain                                                                        (d) Canada
Answer: (a)

727. The idea of Parliamentary privileges has been copied from:
(a) USA                                                                         (b) Canada
(c) Britain                                                                   (d) Japan
Answer: (c)

728. The procedure of impeachment has been copied from:
(a) Canada                                                                   (b) Britain
(c) USA                                                                         (d) Ireland
Answer: (c)

729. The idea of Bicameralism has been copied from:
(a) USA                                                                          (b) Canada
(c) Britain                                                                     (d) Ireland
Answer: (c)

730. The scheme of federation with a strong centre has been copied from:
(a) Canada                                                                  (b) Germany
(c) USA                                                                          (d) Australia
Answer: (a)

731. The idea of impeachment of President has been copied from:
(a) Canada                                                                   (b) Britain
(c) U.S.A.                                                                        (d) Ireland
Answer: (c)

732. The idea of nominating eminent members to Rajya Sabha has been copied from:
(a) Ireland                                                                   (b) U.S.A.
(c) Britain                                                                    (d) Canada
Answer: (a)

733. The idea of Concurrent List has been copied from:
(a) U.S.A.                                                                      (b) Australia
(c) Canada                                                                   (d) Germany
Answer: (b)

734. The idea of Suspension of Fundamental Rights during emergency  has been copied from:
(a) U.S.A.                                      (b) Weimar Constitution of Germany
(c) Canada                                    (d) Australia
Answer: (b)

735. The distribution of powers between centre and states has been copied from:
(a) Canada                                                                 (b) Britain
(c) U.S.A.                                                                     (d) Ireland

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