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Indian States - Questions and Answers (Chapter-9) Jharkhand

Indian States - Questions and Answers

16. India’s first large scale Iron & steel factory was established at
(a) Jamshedpur.                                      (b) Ranchi
(c) Sindri                                                   (d) Dhanbad
Answer: (a)

17. The headquarters of the National Coal Development Corporation:
(a) Dhanbad                                            (b) Ranchi
(c) Jamshedpur                                       (d) Sindri
Answer: (b)

18. Which tiger reserve is in Jharkhand?
(a) Palamau                                              (b) Sariska
(c) Nagarjuna                                           (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

19. The first fertilizer factory in independent India was established at:
(a) Ranchi                                               (b) Sindri
(c) Hasaribagh                                         (d) Jamshedpur
Answer: (b)

20.  The first ISO 9005 certified city in India:
(a) Chandigarh                                          (b) Bangalore
(c) Ranchi                                                     (d) Jamshedpur.
Answer: (d)

21. ...... is a Uranium mine in Jharkhnad:
(a) Jharia                                                      (b) Banduhurang
(c) Koderma                                                    (d) Raniganj
Answer: (b)

22. The only town in India whose municipality is governed by a corporate house.
(a) Jamshedpur                                         (b) Ranchi
(c) Hasaribagh                                           (d) Dhanbad
Answer: (a)

23. The first well-planned industrial city of India:
(a) Palamau                                                    (b) Dhanbad
(c) Ranchi                                                        (d) Jamshedpur
Answer: (d)

24. India’s biggest explosives factory is at:
(a) Ranchi                                               (b) Gomia
(c) Sindri                                                 (d) Jamshedpur
Answer: (b)

25. Which city is commonly called “Tata Nagar”?
(a) Ranchi                                                (b) Dhanbad
(c) Jamshedpur                                      (d) Sindri

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