Thursday, September 1, 2016

G K - Questions and Answers - 43

631. The largest princely state in India at the time of independence:
(a) Travancore                                   (b) Kashmir
(c) Hyderabad                                    (d) Rajput ana
Answer: (c)

632. Sir Ronald Ross was born at:
(a) Mumbai                                        (b) Kolkatt a
(c) Chennai                                          (d) Almora
Answer: (d)

633. Firodia A wards related to the field of:
(a) Cenema                                        (b) Literature
(c) Jouranalism                                 (d) Science and Technology
Answer: (d)

634. The ancient city of Carthage was located in:
(a) Egypt                                            (b) Iraq
(c) T Unisia                                         (d) Israel
Answer: (c)

635.The quasi-federal nature of the Constitution of India was copied from
the Constitution of:
(a) U.S.A.                                                (b) Canada
(c) South Africa                                   (d) Brit ain
Answer: (b)

636.The award which is related to popularisation of science:
(a) Kalinga Prize                                     (b) Abel Prize
(c) Oscar A ward                                      (d) Orange Prize
Answer: (a)

637.The only pro-term Speaker to become the Speaker of Loksabha:
(a) Somanath Chatterjee                        (b) Rabi Ray
(c) Shivraj Pateel                                      (d) Neelam Sanjiva Reddy
Answer: (a)

638.What is known as ‘Nobel Prize in the field of Mathematics’:
(a) Abel Prize                                            (b) Bhatnagar A ward
(c)Magsaysay A ward                             (d) Right Livelihood A ward
Answer: (a)

639.The plant from which bio-diesel is obtained:
(a) Ricinus                                                 (b) Jetropha
(c) Hibiscus                                                (d) Castor
Answer: (b)

640.Phalke Ratna A ward is related to the field of:
(a) Film                                                       (b) Fiction
(c) Sports                                                   (d) Technology
Answer: (a)

641.Which one of the following awards are exclusively given to women?
(a) Booker Prize                                      (b) Orange Prize
(c) Firodia A ward                                   (d) Jesse Owens Award
Answer: (b)

642.Nilgiri biosphere reserve is spread over three st ates. Which one of the following is the one of these st ates?
(a) Kerala                                                    (b) Tamil Nadu
(c) Andhra Pradesh                                  (d) Karnataka
Answer: (c)

643.“Et tu, Brute” are the last words of:
(a) Alexander the Great                          (b) Julius Caesar
(c) Jesus Christ                                          (d) Napoleon
Answer: (b)

644. S Port Said is in:
(a) Egypt                                                   (b) Iran
(c) Turkey                                                 (d) Iraq
Answer: (a)

645.The country from which the makers of the constitution of Ireland copied
‘Directive Principles’:
(a) India                                                     (b) Japan
(c) Britain                                                 (d) Spanish Republic

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