Thursday, September 1, 2016

G K - Questions and Answers - 44

646.Who among the following is called ‘Federal Ambassador’?
(a) Prime Minister                                 (b) Speaker
(c) Chief Justice                                      (d) President
Answer: (d)

647.The first st ate in South India where President’ s rule was declared for the
first time:
(a) Kerala                                                   (b) Thiru-Kochi
(c) Andhra                                                 (d) Tamil Nadu
Answer: (c)

648.Which Latin word has the meaning ‘W e order ’?
(a) Habeus Corpus                                   (b) Mandamus
(c) Certiorari                                             (d) Quo warranto
Answer: (b)

649.The Prime Minister of India when Prime Minister ’s Rozgar Yojana was
(a) Rajiv Gandhi                                       (b) Indira Gandhi
(c) Narasimha Rao                                   (d) Jawaharlal Nehru
Answer: (c)

650.The minimum age to contest as a member of Panchayat:
(a) 18                                                        (b) 21
(c) 25                                                        (d) 35
Answer: (b)

651. Which one of the ancient dynasties was famous for village administration?
(a) Chola                                              (b) Chera
(c) Pallava                                           (d) Pandya
Answer: (a)

652. The headquarters of the Asian Development Bank:
(a) Bangkok                                        (b) Manila
(c) Tokyo                                             (d) New Delhi
Answer: (b)

653. Ostrich is a native of:
(a)Ant arctica                                    (b) Africa
(c) Europe                                         (d) South America
Answer: (b)

654. The smallest flightless bird:
(a) Humming bird                             (b) Inaccessible Island Rail
(c) Robin                                               (d) Emu
Answer: (b)

655. Who said “Othermen live to eat, I eat to live”?
(a) Gandhiji                                          (b) Shakespeare
(c) Bernard Shaw                               (d) Socrates
Answer: (d)

656. The scentific unit used to denote the speed of a ship:
(a) Knot                                                (b) Fathom
(c) Nautical mile                                (d) Mach number
Answer: (a)

657. The main metal cont ained in Sapphire:
(a) Iron                                               (b) Aluminium
(c) Copper                                          (d) Magnisium
Answer: (b)

658. One nautical mile=...... mile
(a) 1.1507                                        (b) 1.852
(c) 1.825                                            (d) 1.609
Answer: (a)

659. In Indian history, Hemachandra Bhargava is better known as
(a) Harsha                                          (b) Rana Pratap
(c) Shivaji                                            (d) Hemu
Answer: (d)

660. The chemical name of nitre:
(a) Pot asium nitrate                     (b) Sodium chloride
(c) Calcium chloride                      (d) Copper nitrate

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