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Indian States - Questions and Answers (Chapter-7) Himachal Pradesh

Indian States - Questions and Answers
Himachal Pradesh

76. Which of the following is a regional language in Himachal Pradesh?
(a) Pahari                                                    (b) Dogri
(c) Bodo                                                       (d) Santhali
Answer: (a)

77. Which place is known as ‘Little Lhasa’?
(a) Shimla                                                     (b) Dharamsala
(c) Kulu                                                          (d) Manali
Answer: (b)

78. The Switzerland of Himachal Pradesh :
(a) Dharamsala                                                (b) Kulu
(c) Khajjiar                                                      (d) Dalhousie
Answer: (c)

79. ..... people belong to Himachal Pradesh:
(a) Santhals                                                        (b) Gaddis
(c) Bhutias                                                         (d) Bhils
Answer: (b)

80. For which mineral Himachal Pradesh is famous?
(a) Uranium                                                       (b) Copper
(c) Rock salt                                                       (d) Gold
Answer: (c)

81. Indian Institute of Advanced Studies is in:
(a) Kulu                                                               (b) Shimla
(c) Chamba                                                         (d) Solan
Answer: (b)

82. ......was the summer capital of British India:
(a) Dharamsala                                                (b) Kangra
(c) Dalhousie                                                    (d) Shimla
Answer: (d)

83. The asylum of Dalai Lama:
(a) Dalhousie                                                        (b) Dharamsala
(c) Kulu                                                                  (d) Manali
Answer: (b)

84. Himachal Pradesh is known as:
(a) Mineral State                                                  (b) Tiger state
(c) All seasons state                                             (d) Forest state
Answer: (c)

85. Manmade lake in Himachal Pradesh:
(a) Govind Sagar                                                      (b) Indira Sagar
(c) Sardar Sarovar                                                   (d) Jawahar Sagar
Answer: (a)

86. .......Hydel Project is in Himachal Pradesh.
(a) Kosi                                                                   (b) Giri
(c) Uri                                                                      (d) Baghlihar
Answer: (b)

87. In which state Kangra Valley, Lahul Valley are situated?
(a) Uttarakhand                                                   (b) Haryana
(c) Punjab                                                          (d) Himachal Pradesh
Answer: (d)

88. Himachal Pradesh is known as:
(a) Fruit basket of India                               (b) Rice bowl of India
(c) Sugar bowl of India                                 (d) Granary of India
Answer: (a)

89. The Simla Conference was a  meeting between Viceroy Archibald Wavell and the major political leaders of India at Simla. It was in the year....
(a) 1944                                                                 (b) 1945
(c) 1946                                                                (d) 1947
Answer: (b)

90. Himachal Pradesh is known as:
(a) Tea garden of India                                    (b) Heart of India
(c) Apple state of India                                    (d) Granary of India

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