Monday, December 21, 2015

G K - Questions and Answers -13

181. The venue of the first national games was:
(a) Kolkata (b) Bangalore
(c) Chennai (d) New Delhi
Answer: (d)

182. Lenin passed away in:
(a) 1919 (b) 1921 (c) 1923 (d) 1924
Answer: (d)

183. Oncology is the study of:
(a) Tumours (b) Diseases (c) Ants (d) Sleep
Answer: (a)

184. Udometer is the other name of:
(a) Tachometer (b) Polygraph
(c) Rain gauge (d) Odometer
Answer: (c)

185.Why mercury is used in thermometers?
(a) Its expansion is uniform
(b) It has high density
(c) It is a bad conductor of electricity
(d) It is cheap
Answer: (a)

186.What percent of Moon can be seen from Earth?
(a) 50 (b) 51 (c) 59 (d) 61
Answer: (c)

187.The line that separates atmosphere and outer space:
(a) Plimsol line (b) Karman line
(c) Radcliffe line (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

188.When temperature rises surface tension of water:
(a) Decreases  (b) Increases
 (c) No change (d) None of these
Answer: (a)

189.The invention related to Jack Kilby:
(a) Integrated Circuit (b) Floppy Disc
(c) Compact Disc (d) Calculator
Answer: (a)

190. Minamata disease in Japan was caused by:
(a) Lead (b) Mercury
(c) Sulphur (d) Arsenic
Answer: (b)

191.The mineral added to cement to adjust the duration of setting:
(a) Epsom (b) Sodium
(c) Lime (d) Gypsom
Answer: (d)

192.Which one of the following is not in crystalline form?
(a) Table salt (b) Blue vitriol
(c) Rubber (d) Sugar
Answer: (c)

193.Which element has the largest atom?
(a) Carbon (b) Nitrogen
(c) Sodium (d) Caesium
Answer: (d)

194.Cactus is a modified form of .....
(a) Root (b) Stem
(c) Leaf (d) None of these
Answer: (b)

195.The Rhizobium bacteria in the root nodules of Pea plants are helpful for ........ fixation:
(a) Oxygen (b) Hydrogen
(c) CO2 (d) Nitrogen

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