Saturday, December 12, 2015

Facts about India -Questions and Answers -20

376. Who was the founder of Amritsar?
Guru Ram Das

377. What important event in Indian or 
World History took place in the year 712
Arabs conquered sindh

378. What was the court language of Mughals?

379. Who was the head of the British Government in India when the congress for the first time passed its famous resolution for complete independence at Lahore?
Lord Irwin

380. When was the first Atom Bomb exploded?

381. In which year was the first General Elections (after independence) in India took place?

382. In which year was China attacked India?

383. In which year ``Quit India'' Movement was launched by Indian National Congress?
384. Goa was liberated on

385. In which year did Asoka conquer Kalinga?
261 BC

386. In which year was the Third Battle of Panipat fought?

387. In which year was Bangladesh Liberated?

388. In which year East India Company was established?
1600 AD

389. In which year was Jesus Christ Born?
BC 4

390. Ajanta paintings depicts scenes from?
 Jataka tales

391. In which year was Martin Luthar King Assassinated?

392. Pushyabhuti dynasty ruled over?

393. The Aryan came to India from ......
Central Asia

394. In which year Portuguese captured Goa?
1510 AD

395. In which year was Jesus Christ Crucified?
33 AD

396. The partition of Bengal was carried out under the rule of ............?
Lord Curzon

397. Emperor Kanishka belonged to ........... dynasty?

398. Megasthenes visited India during the reign of?
Chandra Gupta Maurya

399. The first women ruler of Delhi was?
Razia Sultana

400. The Capital of Pallavas?
<First><1516171819, 20, 212223>

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