Saturday, December 19, 2015

Constitution of India -16

351. Which Article under Directive Principles of State Policy is related to prohibtion of indoxicating drinks and drugs?

352. Which Article was inserted by the 86th amendment of the Constitution to the list of Fundamental Rights?

353. Which Articles is related to uniform civil code?

354. Which enshrines the principles of a welfare state in India?
 Directive Principles of State Policy

355. Which part of the Constitution reflects some Gandhian ideals?
 Directive Principles of State Policy

356. Which part of the Constitution was criticized as ‘New year resolutions which were broken on the second January” by M Nasiruddin, one of the members of Constituent Assembly?
Directive Principles

357. Who made the comment that Directive Principles of State Policy expresses Fabian Socialism without the word ‘Socialism’?
Ivor Jennings

358. Who was the prime minister of India when Right to property was deleted from the list of Fundamental Rights?
Morarji Desai

359.  “Federal Court of India’ was set up for the first time under:
Govt of India Act, 1935

360. ...... refers to independence of the country in all its external and internal matters:

361. “India, that is Bharat, shall be a union of States” occurs in which Article of Indian Constitution?

362. Advocate General is appointed by:

363. Anglo Indian representative in the Constituent Assembly:
 Frank Antony

364. Annual Financial statement is the other name of:

365. As a non-member who can participate to the proceedings of either House of Parliament?
Attorney General

366. Censure motion in Parliament should be supported by atleast ...... members.

367. Collegium for the appointment of Supreme Court Judges comprises the Chief Justice and ...... seniormost judges.

368. The number of members in the Previlege Committee of Parliament:

369. The number of members in the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament:

370. Fourteen Indian banks were nationalised in:

371. How many times a person can become the President of India?
 No legal limitation

372. If a notice for special session of Lok Sabha was given in writing signed by not less than one-tenth of the members, the president must summon the session within ..... days.

373. In the 1937 elections to the Central Legislative Assembly, in how many
provinces, the Indian National Congress got majority?

374. Which Schedule of the Constitution was added by the first amendment of the Constitution?

375. Which session of the Indian National Congress adopted a resolution on
Fundamental Rights and Economic and Social Change?

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