Monday, December 21, 2015

G K - Questions and Answers -17

241.Plant that produces fruits once in life:
(a) Coffee  (b) Tea
(c) Magnolia (d) Plantain
Answer: (d)

242.The wood used for making ‘Veena’ and ‘Tamburu’:
(a) Jack Fruit tree (b) Teak
(c) Mahagony  (d) Deodar
Answer: (a)

243.The largest lizard:
(a) Crocodile (b) Komodo Dragon (c)
Goliath beetle (d) Anaconda
Answer: (b)

244.Which organism has the heaviest brain?
(a) Elephant (b) Hippopotamus
(c) Sperm Whale  (d) Rhinocerus
Answer: (c)

245.In which continent Yak can be seen?
(a) Africa (b) Asia (c) Europe (d) Australia
Answer: (b)

246.Degrees of longitude are apart at the equator:
(a) 111 (b) 100 (c) 90 (d) 89
Answer: (a)

247.The only country in the Indian Subcontinent which does not share border with China:
(a) Myanmar (b) Bhutan
(c) Nepal  (d) Bangladesh
Answer: (d)

248. The second smallest nation in the world in population:
(a) San Marino  (b) Tuvalu
(c) Nauru (d) Palau
Answer: (b)

249.In which language ‘Janaganamana ‘ was originally composed by Rabindranath Tagore?
(a) Bengali (b) Hindi (c) Urdu (d) English
Answer: (a)

250.The largest district in India:
(a) Leh (b) Jaisalmer
(c) Kachch  (d) Medinipur

Answer: (a)

251.Which Vedanga is related to Metrics?
(a) Chanda (b) Kalpa
(c) Nirukta (d) Shiksha
Answer: (a)

252.Who defeated Humayun in the battle of Kanauj?
(a) Hemu (b) Rana Pratap
(c) Rana Sanga (d) Sher Shah
Answer: (d)

253.Who spread Bhakti cult in Assam:
(a) Sankaradev (b) Chaithanya
(c) Thukkaram (d) Dadu
Answer: (a)

254.The year of the First Battle of Tarain in which Muhammad Ghori was defeated by Pritvi Raj Chauhan:
(a) 1026 (b) 1192 (c) 1191 (d) 1090
Answer: (c)

255.The youngest to become the Congress President:
(a) Rajeev Gandhi (b) Maulana Azad
(c) Jawaharlal Nehru (d) None of these

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