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Graduate Level Questions - 4

Graduate Level Questions - 4
46 Which of the following plants helps nitrogen fixation?
(a) Beans        (b) Wheat       (c) Rice          (d) Tomoto
Answer: (a)

47.Which element has the lowest melting point?
(a) Mercury              (b) Hydrogen
(c) Carbon                   (d) Helium
Answer: (d)

48.Which is known as ‘Chemical Sun’?
(a) Magnisium                  (b) Francium
(c) Gallium                         (d) Iridium
Answer: (a)

49. The term associated with the cultivation of grapes:
(a) Aviculture                   (b) Viticulture
(c) Floriculture                (d) Epiculture
Answer: (b)

50.The clonned wolf:
(a) Victoria                                             (b) Carbon Copy
(c) Snu Woolf and Snu Woolfi          (d) Dolly
Answer: (c)

51. Jamnapari is a type of :
(a) Dog           (b) Camel       (c) Cow      (d) Goat
Answer: (d)

52.Thigh bone is also known as:
(a) Radius        (b) Humerus   (c) Femur       (d) Sternum
Answer: (c)

53. The nearest planet to Sun:
(a) Venus         (b) Earth         (c) Mercury             (d) Mars
Answer: (c)

54. What is the rank of Saturn in terms of size among the planets:
(a) First          (b) Second       (c) Third             (d) Fourth
Answer: (b)

55.The areas between polar circles and poles:
(a) Torrid zone                   (b) Temperate zone
(c) Frigid zone                    (d) None of these
Answer: (c)

56. Which is situated between Africa and Europe?
(a) Red Sea                        (b) Caspean Sea
(c) Dead sea                      (d) Mediterranean sea
Answer: (d)

57. Australia is the  ......... continent:
(a) Flattest          (b) windiest         (c) highest        (d) lowest
Answer: (a)

58. The parliament of which country has the largest number of members?
(a) Britain        (b) India         (c) USA         (d) China
Answer: (d)

59. Shqipery is the local name of:
(a) Algeria          (b) Armenia        (c) Angola       (d) Albania
Answer: (d)

60.The second longest river in India:
(a) Godavari                 (b) Narmada
(c) Krishna                   (d) Kaveri
Answer: (a)
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