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Graduate Level Questions - 13

Graduate Level Questions - 13
181. Factory : Worker :: Finger :?
(a) Nail         (b) Hand        (c) Arm    (d) Palmer
Answer: (a)

182. A gardener  arranges 441 plants in such a way that each row contains as many plants as there are rows. Find out the number of plants in a row?
(a) 20          (b) 22          (c) 21         (d) 15
Answer: (c)

183. 3600,600,120,30, ?
(a) 15         (b) 10       (c) 5         (d) 20
Answer: (b)

184. Which one of the following is not a perfect square?
(a) 625      (b) 1296    (c) 2500       (d) 4000
Answer: (d)

185. Select the odd one:
(a) Hydrogen            (b) Oxygen
(c) Iron                      (d) Nitrogen
Answer: (c)

186. Which is odd one?
(a) Dacca                          (b) New Delhi
(c) Colombo                  (d) Karachi
Answer: (d)

187. Which of the following is absolutely essential for a house?
(a) Bricks       (b) Concrete        (c) Roof           (d) Locks
Answer: (c)

188.Three fourth of a number is 15 less than the original number.  What is that number?
(a) 40        (b) 90         (c) 50             (d) 60
Answer: (d)

189.Page : Book :: Soldier: ?
(a) Letter      (b) Platoon       (c) Rifle       (d) Captain
Answer: (b)

190.If the side of a square is increased by 25% then its area will be increased by:
(a) 25%         (b) 35.75%     (c) 40.5%       (d) 56.25%
Answer: (d)

191.How many prime numbers are there between 50 and 100?
(a) 8        (b) 9      (c) 10           (d) 11
Answer: (c)

192.Find the odd one?
(a) Malayalam            (b) Tamil
(c) Hindi                     (d) Telugu
Answer: (c)

193.The income of Ramesh is 25% more than the income of Mahesh.  The income of Mahesh is less than income of Ramesh is:
(a) 20%      (b) 25% (c) 30% (d) 50%
Answer: (a)

194.Man: Biography:: Nation; ?
(a) People               (b) Demography
(c) Geography         (d) History
Answer: (d)

195.If an agent supplies 25 tables and 25 chairs for Rs.17,500 he will supply 10 tables and 10 chairs for :
(a) Rs. 7000              (b) Rs. 10000
(c) Rs. 15000            (d) Rs.3500

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