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Graduate Level Questions - 14

Graduate Level Questions - 14
196. Sita buys an article for Rs.70 and sells it at a loss of 20%. Then her selling price will be:
(a) Rs.60    (b) Rs.58    (c) Rs.56  (d) Rs.55
Answer: (c)

197.Select the odd one:
(a) Table (b) Wood     (c) Chair    (d) Stool
Answer: (b)

198.Horse is to Grass so also Automobile is to :
(a) Brake  (b) Petrol   (c) Smoke  (d)  Brake oil
Answer: (b)

199.15% of 120+ 25% of 100= ?
(a) 33         (b) 34      (c) 44        (d) 43
Answer: (d)

200.1,8,27,64,125, ?
(a) 216      (b) 225         (c) 250        (d) 256
Answer: (a)

201. You like vegetarian food,……?
(a) do you             (b) isn’t you
(c) aren’t you          (d) don’t you
Answer: (d)

202. I ……. the boy from the deep well.
(a) escaped             (b) saved
(c) am escaped             (d) am saved
Answer: (b)

203. He said to me that he ……. going abroad:
(a) is    (b) has been       (c) had been   (d) was
Answer: (d)

204. The correctly spelt word is:
(a) SECRATARY            (b) SECRETARY
(c) SECRATERY                (d)  SECRETERY
Answer: (b)

205. I saw a …… of sheep grazing in the field:
(a) flock          (b) herd     (c) group        (d) pack
Answer: (a)

206. India trades ….. the USA ….. sugar and jute:
(a) with, in              (b) about, on
(c) from, on            (d)  off, ever
Answer: (a)

207. ‘Collaborate’ means:
(a) Work together        (b) to work together with a common aim
(c) Joint venture         (d) Agreement
Answer: (b)

208. Antonym of ‘Delicious:
(a) Agreeble                     (b) Unpalatable
(c) Enjoyable                 (d) Tasty
Answer: (b)

209. This is for students …… mother tongue is not English:
(a) that          (b) whose      (c) whom        (d) which
Answer: (b)

210.Find out the meaning of the word ‘methodical’ from the alternatives:
(a) Ordinary           (b) Dull
(c) Deep                     (d) Systematic

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