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Graduate Level Questions - 8

Graduate Level Questions - 8
106. He enquired …… my health:
(a) for     (b) after     (c) into    (d) of
Answer: (c)

107. A large scale departure of people:
(a) Migration             (b) Immigration
(c) Retreat                  (d) Exodus
Answer: (d)

108. If I know his address I ……..
(a) will give it to you                          (b) would give it to you
(c) would have given it to you           (d) would be giving it you
Answer: (a)

109. A man who dances to the tunes of his wife:
(a) Henpecked             (b) Effeminate
(c) Slave                        (d) Chum
Answer: (a)

110. Consulting number twelve in a sequence:
(a) Twelth                   (b) Twelfth
(c) Twelveth                (d) Twelvth
Answer: (b)

111. A set of rooms for one person’s family use or for a particular purpose:
(a) Suite         (b) Suit       (c) Soot      (d) Sweet
Answer: (a)

112. You had better …… smoking.
(a) quit        (b) to quit      (c) quitting        (d) to quitting
Answer: (a)

113. She was anxiously ………
(a) waiting you                  (b) waited you
(c) waiting for you           (d) wait you
Answer: (c)

114. Do you enjoy ………. ?
(a) swim                      (b) to swim
(c) swimming              (d) to swimming
Answer: (c)

115.There was ……. rain for two days and all the rivers in the area were flooded:
(a) Continued              (b) Continuum
(c) Continuous           (d) Continual
Answer: (c)

116.I …… the letter, but I can’t find a stamp:
(a) have written              (b) had written
(c) wrote                              (d) was writing
Answer: (a)

117.Identify the incorrect group:
(a) Ox-Oxen                      (b) Woman studentWoman students
(c) Thesis- Theses          (d) Criterion- Criteria
Answer: (b)

118.The glass was …… last night.
(a) breaking              (b) broke
(c) brokened              (d) broken
Answer: (d)

119.Central area or main business area of a city:
(a) Upmarket               (b) Downtown
(c) Township              (d) Cityscape
Answer: (b)

120.Would you mind ……. the window?
(a) open                             (b) opening
(c) to open                    (d) for opening

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